New Solo Album from Asa

22/01/2021 2021-01-22 01:00:00 JaME Source: OHP Author: Ruchesko

New Solo Album from Asa

Singer-songwriter and WagakkiBand bassist Asa's sixth solo album drops on March 3rd.

© EXIT TUNES. All rights reserved.

© EXIT TUNES. All rights reserved.

Singer-songwriter and WagakkiBand bassist Asa will release a new album on March 3rd.

Reiwa Ideology will contain twelve songs. These include a cover of Kenji Sawada's TOKIO, Asa's cover of bouen (his recent collaboration single with luz) and Heiseiga owaruhi, a song he produced in 2019 to commemorate the beginning of the Reiwa era in the Reiwa era under Emperor Naruhito. The hinoe edition of the album will feature two additional bonus tracks.

Music videos for TOKIO and Heiseiga Owaruhi can be watched below.


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