New Album from Da-iCE

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New Album from Da-iCE

Dance-vocal group Da-iCE will release their sixth full album on January 20th, just days after they celebrate their 10th anniversary.

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Dance-vocal group Da-iCE will release a new album on January 20th, just three days after they celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Titled SiX, the release is their sixth full album and the sixth in a series of consecutive releases that has so far included five singles created around the theme of "music you can enjoy with your five senses".

All five of these singles will be featured on the album, including the group's vision-inspired "ONE PIECE" theme song DREAMIN' ON, the hearing-themed love song Amp, the touch-themed love song image, the scent-inspired rock ballad CITRUS, which is the main theme song for the drama "The Way of the Househusband", and the city pop number EASY TASTY, which is said to give fans a taste of Da-iCE's unique flavour. All five of these tracks feature lyrics written by group members Sota Hanamura and Taiki Kudo.

The release will also feature collaborations with members of popular rock bands. The track Love Song was composed by Takahito Uchisawa of androp, while Revolver was created in collaboration with BLUE ENCOUNT.

The album will be available in four editions. The two Special Limited BOX Editions will feature 12 songs, as well as either three DVDs or two Blu-ray discs containing live footage from Da-iCE x ABEMA ONLINE LIVE TOUR 2020, THE Da-iCE performances and the a-nation festival, as well as a variety show titled Da-iCE TV Final -SiX-.

The regular edition will feature an exclusive bonus track titled I'll be back 2020. It will also contain a DVD with the music video and making-of footage for CITRUS, as well as a video titled Melody (Recording MOVIE-5Vocal-).

The other edition will be available exclusively via Loppi/HMV, with a DVD featuring a making-of documentary for THE Da-iCE and a special solo photo booklet featuring a member of the purchaser's choosing.

Additional details on the contents of each version are available in English on Da-iCE's official website.

The music videos for DREAMIN' ON and CITRUS can be viewed below, followed by a live video for Revolver.

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