HARU NEMURI Reveals "bang" Music Video

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HARU NEMURI Reveals "bang" Music Video

HARU NEMURI's new music video for "bang", which combines performance scenes filmed remotely with footage from Los Angeles, is now available on YouTube.

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Singer-songwriter/rapper HARU NEMURI just released her new single bang digitally on January 15th, and now, a music video for the track has also been revealed on YouTube.

While HARU NEMURI originally planned to shoot the music video for the song during her North American tour, which was scheduled to take place last March, the tour has since been postponed twice due to the effects of COVID-19. As a result, the video ended up being directed remotely from Japan. Instead of physically performing in the city, footage of HARU NEMURI is projected onto surfaces around Los Angeles. The entire process, from planning and discussion to editing, was done online by a staff member without going to Japan.

The video features footage from downtown Los Angeles, including scenes from Hollywood as well shots from "Skid Row", an area well known for its condensed homeless population and issues with drug addiction and crime.

The video for bang can be viewed below. Turn on captions to watch with English subtitles.

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