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Maaya Sakamoto to Release Fourth Concept Album

10/01/2021 2021-01-10 00:49:00 JaME Source: Press Release Author: Ruchesko

Maaya Sakamoto to Release Fourth Concept Album

Anison singer and voice actress Maaya Sakamoto's collection of seven duets with artists she admires drops on March 17th.

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Anison singer and voice actress Maaya Sakamoto will release her fourth concept album on March 17th.

As its title suggests, Duets is a collection of seven duets between Sakamoto and artists whom she admires and respects. These include a rare appearance behind the mic from Hiroki Wada, who stepped away from singing in 1998 to focus on his production work as h-wonder. Coincidentally, he sang the closing theme to "Vision of Escaflowne", the 1996 anime which provided Sakamoto both her breakthrough role and debut single Yakusoku wa iranai.

Her other singing partners include '80s superstar singer Kyoko Koizumi, la la larks frontwoman Yumi Uchimura, actor Yoshio Inoue, the band apart bassist Masakazu Hara, and singer-songwriters Kohei Dojima and Asako Toki.

Upon release, Duets will be available to download and stream worldwide on numerous platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music/iTunes.


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