CHANMINA and SKY-HI to Release Christmas Collaboration Single and Stream Joint Talk Session

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CHANMINA and SKY-HI to Release Christmas Collaboration Single and Stream Joint Talk Session

CHANMINA and SKY-HI will release a Christmas single they recorded together on December 4th, and its music video will be premiered after a special talk session.

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Trilingual rapper/singer CHANMINA and rapper SKY-HI have announced that they will be releasing a digital collaboration single on December 4th.

Titled Holy Moly Holy Night, the track is a Christmas song. It was produced by Ryosuke “DR.R” Sakai, who previously worked on some of CHANMINA's hits like CHOCOLATE and Never Grow Up.

Longtime friends, CHANMINA and SKY-HI had discussed writing and recording a song together for years, and their wish finally came true with this release.

To celebrate the release of this song and its accompanying music video, a special talk show featuring both artists will stream live on CHANMINA’s YouTube channel starting at 11:30pm (JST) on December 3rd, and once the clock hits midnight on December 4th, its music video will premiere, with CHANMINA in the chat.

CHANMINA commented:
SKY-HI is one of my best friends and someone I respect as an artist, so it was a lot of fun making a new song with him. This song is really an extension of how we have fun together, and you can hear that people who truly love music were involved in making it. It was made possible because I had a father-like person like Dr.R and my big-brother-like SKY-HI with me. I hope you enjoy this song because I think this perfectly represents who we are and fits the time we live in.

SKY-HI commented:
We sometimes must deal with tough things in these times we live in, so Christmas 2020 needs a song like this, something that makes people happy. I always respected CHANMINA but through the song-making process I got to see her from a lot of different angles and I now have even more respect for her. It was not just fun but also quite inspiring too. With her, we could have made a song with powerful messages, something hardcore, or an orthodox love song, but once we stepped into the studio, this is what we made…I guess we are both quite happy people…lol
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