New Album from Hey! Say! JUMP

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New Album from Hey! Say! JUMP

Boyband Hey! Say! JUMP will release a new album featuring songs written by Ziyoou-vachi's Avu-chan, mafumafu, Shota Shimizu and more on December 16th.

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Johnny's boyband Hey! Say! JUMP will release a new album on December 16th.

Titled Fab! -Music speaks.-, the album's concept is "music x fairy tales", and it features 16 tracks. These include six brand new songs written by well-known Japanese artists that are based on specific fairy tales.

Ookami seinen is based on "Little Red Riding Hood", with music and lyrics by Ziyoou-vachi vocalist Avu-chan, and a music video featuring choreography by MARIE from TOKYO GEGEGAY. Senya ichiya is based on "Arabian Nights", and it was written by Ayase from YOASOBI. Singer-songwriter Shota Shimizu contributed Snow White, based on the story of the same name, while Taiiku Okazaki handled "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" with Liar, wacci vocalist Youhei Hashiguchi covered "Peter Pan" with Naimono nedari and mafumafu contributed Otogi to shiru sekai, based on "Hansel and Gretel".

The album's lead track Fab-ism was composed by ex-HaKU frontman Yuki Tsujimura and Ken Itou.

The album will be available in three editions. Limited Edition 1 will add a bonus DVD with the music video and making-of footage for Fab-ism, while Limited Edition 2 will feature the music videos for Ookami seinen, Senya ichiya and Naimono nedari and making-of footage for Ookami seinen on its DVD instead. The regular edition will be CD-only, but it will add a bonus track called Yami no saki e bokura wa arukidasu, which was also composed by Tsujimura.

Short versions of the MVs for Ookami seinen, Fab-ism and Senya ichiya can be viewed below.

Ookami seinen


Senya ichiya
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