New EP from yourness

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New EP from yourness

Rock band yourness' latest EP "BE ALL LIE" is out now on digital stores and streaming services.

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While concerts were on hold in Japan due to the effects of COVID-19 this spring, up-and-coming rock band yourness used the situation as an opportunity to focus on their songwriting and music production. They wrote a song called Yakudo in collaboration with Maaya Sakamoto for the mobile game "Fate/Grand Order" earlier this year, and they just released their third EP BE ALL LIE digitally on November 18th.

BE ALL LIE is said to represent a new era for yourness, adding a layer of maturity to their sound. The lyrics are said to offer variations around the key concept of "lie", as the title suggests, reflecting "the disillusionment and hope of a new grown-up". Links to download and stream the EP on various platforms are available here.

Three of the EP's five tracks are accompanied by eye-catching music videos. The MVs for BE ALL LIE and Heliotrope are both short animated movies with original characters and stories that were created specifically for yourness.

Created by Shohei Koga and Show, BE ALL LIE is set in an alternative dark universe, where people fight for their destiny, with a strength based on the value of the trump card they are marked by.

Also directed by Koga but animated by Gko, Heliotrope tells the bittersweet story of two high school students in traditional Japan and highlights the nostalgic and mellow side of the band's sound.

The third video, Futarishizuka (Piano ver.), was also directed by Koga and aims to present the "visual incarnation of a ballad".

yourness is a quartet hailing from Fukuoka. They recently drew attention from fans both in Japan and overseas when their song Kago no naka ni tori, was used as the ending theme for the anime "Yesterday wo utatte" ("Sing 'Yesterday' For Me"), racking up over 2.5 million views on YouTube.
 Download or stream "BE ALL LIE"

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