New Digital Single from SKY-HI

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New Digital Single from SKY-HI

SKY-HI has a new digital single out today based on a narcissistic firefighter from the mobile game "A.I.M.$ -All you need Is Money".

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SKY-HI released a new digital single on November 18th.

Titled Mr. Psycho, the track is a collaboration with the “large-scale cash theft” mobile game "A.I.M.$ -All you need Is Money", which was released on November 17th. The song is based on the in-game character Marvelous Hot, a narcissistic firefighter. It was produced by SUNNYBOY, and it is said to combine danceable Latin beats with a rap capturing the character’s worldview.

Links to download and stream the song on various digital platforms are available here.

This is the second in a series of six releases (including solo tracks and collaborations) SKY-HI is planning to put out before the end of the year to express his gratitude to his fans. The first was the short version of a collaboration with Kan Sano titled Shiawase that was created to serve as the theme song for SDGs Design International Awards 2020. The song was produced by SOURCEKEY, SKY-HI's unit with SHIMI from BUZZER BEATS, with keyboards and chorus vocals from Sano.

The music video for Mr. Psycho can be viewed below, and fans can turn on captions and adjust the language to watch with English, Japanese, Chinese or Korean subtitles.

Watch the lyric video for the short version of Shiawase feat. Kan Sano.

 Download or stream "Mr. Psycho"

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