New Single from Azusa Tadokoro

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New Single from Azusa Tadokoro

Anison singer Azusa Tadokoro's opening theme for anime series "Kami-tachi ni hirowareta otoko" drops on November 11th.

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Anison singer Azusa Tadokoro will release a new single on November 11th.

Yasashii sekai's title track, produced by Hiroki "h-wonder" Wada, will serve as the opening theme song for fantasy anime series "Kami-tachi ni hirowareta otoko". Both editions also contain the B-side New-me, composed by singer-songwriter Kayoko Kusano. In addition, the 'artist edition' features the bonus track Visual Vampire, produced by PENGUIN RESEARCH bassist Shota Horie.

The music video for Yasashii sekai can be watched below.


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