New Single from Maaya Sakamoto

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New Single from Maaya Sakamoto

Anison singer Maaya Sakamoto's new double A-side single drops on December 9th.

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Anison singer Maaya Sakamoto will release a new single on December 9th.

Dokuhaku↔Yakudo is a double A-side release, and both title tracks are tie-ins with the "Fate/Grand Order" franchise. Dokuhaku was produced by androp frontman Takahito Uchisawa. Meanwhile Yakudo - which was released a standalone digital single back in August - was composed by yourness guitarist Koga Syohei and co-produced with his bandmates.

The two versions of the single subtitled FGO Edition will also include an acoustic version of Sakamato's 2018 song Gyakko. Meanwhile, the MAAYA Edition features the exclusive B-side Itsuka tabi ni deru hi, which Sakamato composed herself.

Previews of Dokuhaku and Yakudo can be heard in the respective trailers for "Fate/Grand Order -Shinsei entaku ryoiki Camelot- Wandering; Agateram" and "Fate/Grand Order ~ Cosmos in the Lostbelt" below.


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