New Digital Single from AmPm

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New Digital Single from AmPm

After releasing two remixes earlier this month, AmPm will put out an original song featuring guest vocals from Michael Kaneko and Nao Kawamura on October 21st.

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Masked producer duo AmPm will be releasing a new digital single on October 21st.

This song is the third and final release in a series of three consecutive singles they announced for October.

The first, a remix of Ai Otsuka's Chime, came out on October 7th. The second was a remix of THEME FROM LUPIN Ⅲ 2019 - LUPIN THE THIRD JAM, which is the first part of a project where a selection of high-profile artists will reinterpret original audio recordings from the soundtrack to the popular "Lupin" anime series. The music was originally recorded from 2015 to 2019 by Yuji Ohno, who has been a composer on the "Lupin" series since the 1970s.

AmPm's October 21st single will be an original song titled hurt you. The track features guest vocalists Michael Kaneko and Nao Kawamura, both of whom have lent their voices to hit AmPm tracks in the past. However, this will be their first time singing together on the same AmPm song. hurt you is said to be a danceable mid-tempo track with lyrics that tell the story of a desperate, lovelorn man.

Links to find AmPm's music on digital stores and streaming services are available here.

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