sokoninaru's "Choetsu" to Get Expanded International Release

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sokoninaru's "Choetsu" to Get Expanded International Release

JPU Records will be releasing an expanded CD edition of rock band sokoninaru's first full-length album "Choetsu" on November 6th.

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Earlier this year, rock band sokoninaru announced that they would be releasing their first full-length album Choetsu on October 7th.

Now, it has been revealed that British record label JPU Records will also be putting out an expanded CD edition of the release on November 6th.

The international edition of Choetsu will feature two exclusive bonus tracks titled zenryaku and maigo that have never before been available outside of Japan in any format, as well as lyrics translated into English and Romaji in its 20-page booklet. The regular, digital edition of the album will be out on download and streaming services on October 7th, simultaneous with Choetsu's release in Japan.

Reached for comment about the album, vocalist and guitarist Juko Suzuki had the following to say: "This is the result of pursuing purity more than ever. I feel like we went back to the origins of sokoninaru with this record. I feel like we've been able to match what we did with Zero and push things even further, fuelled by the inspiration and influence given to us by our favourite music. This is the acclimation of everything we love, I hope you can enjoy this creation that’s manifest from the all the things we find fascinating."

Bassist and vocalist Misaki Fujiwara added, "There is a lot of variety and new approaches to our music on this album. One is our ballad white for, which is the only song on the album to feature me as the lead vocalist. Please enjoy this new chapter in our journey as sokoninaru."

The international CD edition of Choetsu is available for preorder here. Links to download and stream the release will become available here on the release date.

This August, sokoninaru premiered the MV for Lament moment, a preceding digital single from Choetsu. Watch it below:

 Buy the international edition of "Choetsu" from JPU Records  Download or stream "Choetsu"

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