New Album from BVCCI HAYNES

28/09/2020 2020-09-28 08:00:00 JaME Source: KENZO's Twitter Author: Ruchesko

New Album from BVCCI HAYNES

The first release in five years from visual kei musician KENZO's solo project drops on November 1st.

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BVCCI HAYNES, the solo project of visual kei musician KENZO, will release a new album on November 1st.

Hiraeth, whose title means 'nostalgia' in the Welsh language, will contain eight tracks. KENZO has described them as being essentially 'genreless' in style, albeit mainly influenced by alternative rock and EDM. AYABIE guitarist Takehito, BAROQUE guitarist kei and ex-THE KIDDIE guitarist YOUSAY all make guest appearances.

KENZO - also known as KNZ - has been active in the visual kei scene since the mid-2000s, initially as a drummer and later as a vocalist. He launched BVCCI HAYNES in 2013, and is also one half of duo gremlins alongside NIGHTMARE guitarist Hits.

Two tracks from Hiraeth - Iridescent clouds (feat.Takehito) and Desert planet (feat.kei) - can be heard below.


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