New Mini-Album from ZUTOMAYO

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New Mini-Album from ZUTOMAYO

Rock group ZUTOMAYO released their third mini-album "Hogarakana hifutote fufuku" on August 5th.

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Rock group ZUTOMAYO released their third mini-album Hogarakana hifutote fufuku on August 5th.

The mini-album contains six tracks, including digital singles Obenkyou shitoite yo, MILABO, and Teiketsu boruto. The limited edition comes with a cover with a grimoire, a CD containing six instrumental versions, and an original manga book. The limited edition and the regular edition will each have a different bonus track.

ZUTOMAYO uploaded a trailer for the mini-album on their YouTube channel, in which the songs can be previewed, excluding the bonus tracks and instrumental versions.

Hogarakana hifutote fufuku is available on download and streaming services worldwide.

The mini-album trailer can be watched below.

 Download or stream "Hogarakana hifutote fufuku"

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