New EP from Frederic

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New EP from Frederic

Rock band Frederic will release a new EP on September 22nd.

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Rock band Frederic will release a new EP on September 22nd.

ASOVIVA will feature four studio tracks, including Saredo BGM, a song the members recorded remotely while they were stuck at home due to the effects of COVID-19 and just released as a digital single earlier this month. It will also add audio recordings of two songs from FREDERHYTHM ONLINE "FABO!!~Frederic Acoustic Band Online~", an acoustic show they live streamed on July 18th.

The EP's regular edition will be CD-only, while the limited edition will add a bonus DVD with video footage of nine songs from the aforementioned acoustic live stream.

In addition, the band recently uploaded a special music video for the song RAINY CHINA GIRL from their 2017 mini-album TOGENKYO. The MV was created in collaboration with illustrator Yuhei Takahata as part of a series of videos called "ASOVISION", where Frederic invite various creators to "play" ("asobu" in Japanese, hence the title) with their music and express themselves freely in their own unique ways.

Watch the "ASOVISION" video featuring Takahata's illustrations:

A lyric video for Saredo BGM can also be viewed below:

 Download or stream "Saredo BGM"

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