New Album from Chip Tanaka

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New Album from Chip Tanaka

Chip Tanaka, aka video game composer and chiptune music pioneer Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka, will release his second album on July 15th.

© Chip Tanaka. All rights reserved.

© Chip Tanaka. All rights reserved.
DJ and composer Chip Tanaka will release a new album on July 15th.

Domingo will feature 11 songs said to "combine the disparate imagery of the sea, the night, outer space and the retro computer age, while exploring themes of nostalgia for bygone people and places". It is said to offer an "unpredictable melange of genres, including reggae, dub, and techno, and a rich palette of chiptune sounds".

Tanaka described the album in his own words as "a requiem to [his] past - a new life form born from treasured memories".

Physical copies of Domingo will come with a special thank you letter from Tanaka that also includes a secret audio download code.

Better known to video game fans as Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka, Tanaka first began spinning chipsounds into video game music in 1980 while working as a sound engineer at Nintendo. In addition to composing music for popular games such as "Metroid", "Super Mario Land" and "Earthbound", Tanaka also wrote and arranged songs for the "Pokemon" animated films and TV series. Since 2007, he has been DJing and performing live under aliases such as Otona Buranko and Acerola Beach. He released his first album under the name Chip Tanaka, Django, in 2017.

A music video for the track Hammerhead Shark Song featuring visuals by Toby Fox, the creator of the popular video game "Undertale", can be viewed below, followed by a digest audio trailer for Domingo.

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Chip Tanaka © Chip Tanaka. All rights reserved.
Chip Tanaka

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