New Single from BUCK-TICK

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New Single from BUCK-TICK

Rock veterans BUCK-TICK will release their 39th single on August 26th.

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Rock band BUCK-TICK will release a new single on August 26th.

Titled MOONLIGHT ESCAPE, it comes about seven months after its predecessor, January's Datenshi. The single will contain two tracks: the title song, which was composed by guitarist Imai Hisashi, and a B-side titled Kogoeru that features music by guitarist Hoshino Hidehiko instead. The lyrics for both songs were written by vocalist Sakurai Atsushi.

The single will be available in three editions. Limited Edition A will come with a Blu-ray disc featuring the music video for MOONLIGHT ESCAPE, while Limited Edition B will be accompanied by a DVD with the same contents. The regular edition will be CD-only.

The video for Datenshi can be viewed below.


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