First Mini-Album from Toko Miura

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First Mini-Album from Toko Miura

"Weathering with You" theme song singer and actress Toko Miura released her first mini-album "ASTERISK" on May 27th.

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Actress and singer Toko Miura released her first mini-album ASTERISK on May 27th. The release is now available on download and streaming services worldwide.

Miura is known for being chosen as the vocalist for songs from the soundtrack to Makoto Shinkai's film "Weathering with You", which was created by rock band RADWIMPS. ASTERISK is Miura's first original mini-album, and it includes songs written by Keiichi Sokabe, Santara, Tsuno Maisa from Akai Ko-en, Wataru Sawabe from Skirt and TENDRE. The mini-album also contains the "Mujica Sekai de Ichiban Muzushii Daitoryo Kara Nihonjin e" movie theme song uzu and a cover of RADWIMPS' Ai ni dekiru koto wa mada aru kai.

Listen to the trailer for the mini-album below.

The music videos for uzu and Nami ga tatta can be watched below.

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