DISH// Announce Worldwide Digital Release of "Neko ~THE FIRST TAKE ver.~"

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DISH// Announce Worldwide Digital Release of "Neko ~THE FIRST TAKE ver.~"

Pop-rock band DISH// have released the new version of their song "Neko" from THE FIRST TAKE digitally worldwide, and they have uploaded a number of special videos to help keep their fans entertained.

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Pop-rock band DISH// recently announced that the special version of the song Neko that their vocalist Takumi Kitamura performed on "THE FIRST TAKE" (a popular YouTube channel that sees various musicians sing their hit songs in a single take) has been released digitally worldwide. This version of the song was just released as a digital single in Japan on April 29th.

Neko was composed for the band by popular singer-songwriter Aimyon. The video of Kitamura performing it features a new arrangement of the song. While the other band members do not appear in the video, they recorded the backing track that he is singing along to. The video has one of the highest view counts on the whole channel - it is currently second only to the clip of anisong singer LiSA performing her hit Gurenge.

Neko ~THE FIRST TAKE ver.~ can be downloaded or streamed from various digital music platforms here.

DISH// also recently began uploading weekly acoustic sessions called "#HOMEDISH", which splice together videos recorded from their respective homes. This week's upload was Shape of Love:

In addition, DISH// uploaded a studio live to help cheer fans up after their spring tour was cancelled. You can watch it below:

 Download or stream "Neko ~THE FIRST TAKE ver.~"  Watch DISH// - "Premium Studio Live 2020 Spring"

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