BXW Reveals New Member

04/04/2020 2020-04-04 00:22:00 JaME Source: BXW Official Twitter Author: Laeza

BXW Reveals New Member

A former "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN" trainee joins boy group BXW as its sixth member.

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A former "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN" trainee has joined boy group BXW as its sixth member.

Ikumi Hiroto was revealed as BXW's sixth member in a surprise announcement, joining fellow former "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN" trainees Kitaoka Kento, Kitagawa Reito, and Gutierez Takeru. Ikumi's position in the group will be as a lead dancer and sub vocal.

In addition, BXW uploaded a video to their official YouTube channel to introduce their newest member. In the video, they announce their intention to continue on as a six-member group. They also revealed the title of their debut song, CANDY, which they describe as a cute pop tune.

BXW was formed in early February this year by Churros Agency. Four of the six members originally appeared on the reality show "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN", in which 101 trainees competed to debut in 11-member boy group JO1. Other groups that have formed out of former "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN" trainees include Boom Trigger and ORβIT.

Watch Ikumi Hiroto's introduction video below.


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