New Album from iri

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New Album from iri

R&B artist iri's new album "Sparkle" is available globally now on download and streaming services.

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R&B artist iri released her new album Sparkle on March 25th. The release is available globally on download and streaming services.

For this release, iri collaborated with Yaffle (Tokyo Recordings), TAAR, Kan Sano, ippei sawamura from SANABAGUN., Okamoto Hama from OKAMOTO'S, Arata Hikaru from WONK, Kenmochi Hidefumi, Shin Sakiura and Mori Zentaro.

The first limited edition includes 15 songs from the show iri Presents "Wonderland" held last year at Ebisu Garden Hall in Tokyo on October 29th. The music videos for 24-25, Sparkle and Wonderland are also included.

Watch the music videos for Sparkle and 24-25 below.

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