Ohara Sakurako Releases New Digital Single

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Ohara Sakurako Releases New Digital Single

Singer-songwriter Ohara Sakurako's digital single "Hana hikaru" is now available via online stores and streaming platforms worldwide.

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Singer-songwriter Ohara Sakurako released a new digital single titled Hana hikaru on March 9th. The song is currently available on download and streaming platforms worldwide.

Hana hikaru was written by her Ohara's older sister Hayashida Kozue and composed by her university friend Tamaki Hikari, a flute player. The track was arranged by Inoue Kohei of AUN J CLASSIC ORCHESTRA, an ensemble playing Japanese traditional instruments. The lyrics describe the feelings of Ohara and Tamaki, who spent their high school days together and dreamed of a bright future.

Ohara released the song on March 9th, a date that can be pronounced "san-kyuu" in Japanese, to thank her fans. A lyric video for Hana hikaru can be viewed below.

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