New Album from DaizyStripper

26/02/2020 2020-02-26 17:30:00 JaME Source: OHP Author: Ruchesko

New Album from DaizyStripper

Visual rock band DaizyStripper's eighth album drops on March 1st.

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Visual rock band DaizyStripper will release a new album on March 1st.

INFINITY will be released in two editions, both containing twelve songs. DaizyStripper will support the album with the fifteen-date INFINITY CHALLENGER tour. Commencing on the day of release at Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS, it will conclude on June 5th at Yokohama Kannai Hall.

Elsewhere, Viewon - the acoustic duo DaizyStripper drummer and pianist Kazami formed with AIOLIN frontman and violinist Hikarito - have announced their debut mini-album Wind of Starlight Melody will soon receive a wider release. Sales were previously restricted to venues and mail order.

The music video for INFINITY's title track can be watched below, as well as a preview of Wind of Starlight Melody.


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