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A decade after their disbandment, rap-rock band SUKEBO-KING (aka SBK) have announced their return.

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25 years after their formation and a decade after their disbandment, rap-rock band SUKEBO-KING (aka SBK) have announced that they will restart activities.

In a group message on their new official website, the members explained that while they were all active with various other projects for the past ten years, they began to notice that fans loved their work and attitude as SBK far more than they imagined. To try to understand why that was, they looked back on some of their old live footage and other works, which eventually inspired them to officially revive the band.

The members are currently holding studio sessions together and rearranging tracks to prepare for live shows, and they have stated that they will be announcing performances in the near future. Fans can keep an eye on their new Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts for more updates.

An influential band in Japan's "mixture rock" (rap-rock/nu-metal) scene, SBK's sound blends together rock and hip-hop, as well as genres like house and techno. The band consists of high-voiced frontman and guitarist SHIGEO, low-voiced MC and keyboard player SHUN, bassist MASH and DJ SHUYA. They are perhaps best known for their Episode series, six collaboration songs with Dragon Ash that were spread across both bands' albums.

SHIGEO has also been part of some other high-profile side projects with the members of Dragon Ash over the years, including frontman Kj and DJ BOTS' hip-hop supergroup Steady&Co. and the dance-rock band ATOM ON SPHERE with drummer Makoto Sakurai.

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