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ANIMAL HACK Release New Digital Single Featuring okkaaa

09/02/2020 2020-02-09 04:37:00 JaME Source: Press Release Author: Christine

ANIMAL HACK Release New Digital Single Featuring okkaaa

Producer/DJ duo ANIMAL HACK's collaboration with singer-songwriter okkaaa is now available for download and streaming.

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Producer/DJ duo ANIMAL HACK released a new digital single titled DIVE on February 5th.

The song is a collaboration with up-and-coming singer-songwriter okkaaa, who provided the vocals and co-wrote the music and lyrics. It is said to be a modern R&B/dance track combining a dense, heavy rhythm section and a variety of synths. Links to download or stream the track on various digital music platforms are available here.

Based in Tokyo, ANIMAL HACK consists of producers MASAtO and YUtA. Since appearing on the scene in 2016, they have been crafting catchy electronic-based dance music influenced by their cultural and personal backgrounds, as well as life in the age of social media and music streaming.

Their music has been well received on streaming platforms. Their song Franny was selected by Apple as the theme song for their Shibuya branch renewal ad. Following this, Pressure was chosen as one of Apple Music Japan’s “100 best songs in the world representing 2018”. In addition to creating their own original tracks, ANIMAL HACK have also produced works for artists such as 4s4ki, and they curate their own artwork and concepts to deliver a consistent level of quality in their visuals as well.

okkaaa is a young artist that has also begun to make waves on streaming platforms like Spotify. Influenced by artists such as Daniel Caesar, Hikaru Utada and writer Haruki Murakami, as well as genres like gospel and hip-hop, he has attracted attention for his sophisticated, mellow sound and gentle voice. He takes a DIY approach to his works, creating not just his own songs, but also his own music videos, jacket art and website content.

The MV for DIVE (feat. okkaaa) can be viewed below.

 ANIMAL HACK - Official Website  okkaaa - Official Website  Download or stream "DIVE feat. okkaaa"

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