BUCK-TICK Announce New Album

BUCK-TICK Announce New Album

Gunma's cult rock band has announced the release of a new album said to be a real "start from scratch".

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At the end of the last concert of their The Day In Question 2019 series, BUCK-TICK announced that not only will they be holding an exclusive national tour for the members of their fan club Fish Tank from May 23rd to June 21st, they're also preparing a new album for the summer. They will be embarking on a regular promotional tour for the new release in the fall as well.

Consulted by the Japanese press about the band's upcoming album, guitarist Hisashi Imai described it as "a clean break" with the image and sound that the band has accustomed fans to until now. He added that the key words of this new style would be "minimalism" and "electronic", but didn't specify if it was a reference to electronic music or to the world of contemporary technology. The title and exact release date will be announced at a later time.

Since the release of their last album, 2018's No. 0, BUCK-TICK have released a double A-side single titled Kemono-tachi no Yoru / RONDO, and the latter track served as a theme song for the animated series "Gegege no Kitaro". They will release another new single titled Datenshi on January 29th.

Last year, frontman Atsushi Sakurai also lent his voice to an unexpected collaboration with singer Sheena Ringo, a household name in the Japanese rock scene and the composer of the song in question, Kakeochi Mono. A horde of no less renowned artists from the rock scene also recently joined forces to pay tribute to the veteran group in the form of a tribute album called PARADE III ~RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK~, which will hit stores on January 29th. It will feature 13 of the band's tracks covered by Der Zibet, DIR EN GREY, BRAHMAN, Sheena Ringo, GARI, minus(-), Cube Juice, Kokusyoku Sumire, GRANRODEO, SID, 88kasyo junrei, Fujimaki Ryota and Sakamoto Miu.

A trailer for PARADE III ~RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK~ featuring short samples of each track can be listened to below:


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