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New Album from URBANGARDE

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New Album from URBANGARDE

URBANGARDE will release their new album "TOKYOPOP" in both a CD-only regular edition and a deluxe limited edition featuring a 100-page art book.

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URBANGARDE will release a new album on January 1st, 2020. A concept album, it will include new songs, self-covers, and remixes of past hits in a technopop style.

TOKYOPOP will contain 14 tracks, six of which will be new songs. It will also include newly-recorded versions of previously-released tracks like Shuusei Shuugisha (SHINJUKU SYNDROME ver.) and Skirt Kakumei (ROPPONGI ROUGE ver.) and remixes of Video no Youni by Seiho and One Piece Shinjuu by Yunomi.

The album will be available in a regular CD-only edition featuring a 16-page booklet, as well as a special deluxe limited edition. The deluxe limited edition will contain a poster and a 100-page hardcover art and photo book titled “Tokyo Bakuhatsu” (“Tokyo Explosion”). The book will feature photos by Ivana Micic, depicting the band members in a theme of “Wild Tokyo” designed by URBANGARDE band leader Temma Matsunaga.

On January 31st, 2020, URBANGARDE will begin their URBANGARDE 2020 TOKYOPOP TOUR, which will be the band's most expansive to date. It will wrap up at Akabane ReNY alpha in Tokyo on May 5th.

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