New Album from Maneki-kecak

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New Album from Maneki-kecak

Idol quintet Maneki-kecak's second full-length album drops on December 18th.

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Idol quintet Maneki-kecak will release a new album on December 18th.

Aru wake nai no is the group's second full-length album and will be released in three editions. All of these will contain fourteen songs, including Aru wake nai no sono oku ni, Maneki-kecak's ending theme for anime TV series "GeGeGe no Kitaro".

Maneki-kecak was formed in early 2015 by collet promotion, the same agency behind nanaland, BenjaminJasmine and the disbanded drop. Founding member Chiai Fujikawa, who left in 2018, has since launched a solo career.

The music video for Aru wake nai no sono oku ni can be watched below.


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