New Single from OLDCODEX

13/11/2019 2019-11-13 16:41:00 JaME Source: Lantis Author: Ruchesko

New Single from OLDCODEX

Rock duo OLDCODEX's opening theme for "Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit" drops on November 20th.

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Rock duo OLDCODEX will release a new single on November 20th.

Take On Fever's title track currently serves as the opening theme for anime series "Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit". The single will be released in two editions via Lantis. Both versions will contain the title track and B-sides Nasty and painting of sorrow.

The accompanying closing theme for "Special 7", One Wish, is performed by OLDCODEX's Lantis labelmates, pop duo SCREEN mode.

A preview of the music video for Take On Fever - and the full video for One Wish - can be watched below.


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