New Album from SALU

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New Album from SALU

Rapper SALU will release a new album on December 4th.

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Rapper SALU will release a new album titled GIFTED on December 4th.

While SALU just released his second collaboration album with SKY-HI, Say Hello to My Minions 2, in September and a best-of album titled LOVE in 2018, GIFTED will be his first original studio album in about two years. It will be his fifth album in total, following 2017's INDIGO. The album's cover features a photo of SALU as a child.

In addition, SALU has announced that he will be holding two one-mans titled SALU THE LIVE 2019→2020 GIFTED to celebrate the album's release. The first will be held at Zepp Namba in Osaka on December 13th, while the second will be held at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO on January 17th. EXILE SHOKICHI will be joining SALU as a guest at the first show and rapper JP THE WAVY will be making guest appearances at both shows.

The MV for the lead track from the release, KURT, can be viewed below, followed by the MV for his 2018 single GOOD VIBES ONLY, which features guest appearances from JP THE WAVY and EXILE SHOKICHI.


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