SID Begins Streaming Episodic “SHONIN YOKKYU” Tour Diary on YouTube

02/10/2019 2019-10-02 14:26:00 JaME 120 views Source: Press Release Author: Silverfaye

Visual kei band SID have begun streaming an episodic tour diary of their "SHONIN YOKKYU" tour on the official SID YouTube channel. 

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Visual kei band SID, currently on their cross-country tour titled SID TOUR 2019 - SHONIN YOKKYU -, have begun streaming an episodic diary of the tour on the official SID YouTube channel.

Not only will the diary show on stage performances, but everything that happens backstage as well. From pre-concert nervousness to post-concert exhaustion, viewers will be able to see exclusive content on what a day in the life of SID members looks like.

The first episode is out now, covering the September 13th and 14th performances at Matsudo Mori no hall 21 in Chiba. English and Chinese subtitles will soon be available for the tour diary.

SID are currently conducting a survey aimed at fans from outside of Japan in hopes of helping the band become more global in their content. Fans can participate in the survey here:

SID have recorded a video message about the tour diary and survey for overseas fans:

 SID - Official YouTube  SID Overseas Fan Survey

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