Mikansei Alice Announce New Bassist and Single

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Mikansei Alice Announce New Bassist and Single

Visual kei band Mikansei Alice have welcomed a new bassist, and they will release a new single this winter.

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Visual kei band Mikansei Alice have announced the addition of a new member and a new release.

Fans may recall that the band's original bassist Shiori was absent for much of their career due to health-related issues, and that he was officially dismissed from the group this February after the members lost contact with him. Mikansei Alice performed with support bassists for several months, and they just recently announced that they have recruited a new official member named Chihane. Chihane previously performed under the name hinaki, and he was a member of the visual kei band Labaiser from 2016 to 2018.

In addition, Mikansei Alice have announced that their first release with this new line-up will be a new single. Titled Shogyou mujou daisakkai, it will hit stores sometime this winter. The exact release date and contents will be revealed later.

An MV spot for Shogyou mujou daisakkai can be viewed below.


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