New Solo Album from Sato Taiji

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THEATRE BROOK frontman Sato Taiji will release a new solo album on November 6th.

© Sato Taiji. All rights reserved.

© Sato Taiji. All rights reserved.
Sato Taiji, the frontman of funk rock band THEATRE BROOK, will release his second solo album on November 6th.

My Hero will be Sato's first new solo album in about 11 years, following 2008's The Divorced Rockstar. It will contain nine songs, including Odorana sonson, a collaboration with dance troupe Kasumiren that was released digitally last September. Guest musicians who contributed to the release include RIZE bassist KenKen, cro-magnon keyboard player Kaneko Takumi and RADIACTIVE drummer Horisaki Hiroki.

A veteran of the Japanese rock scene, Sato has been fronting THEATRE BROOK since the band's formation in 1986, and he has been part of numerous other projects over the years. He has also been one of the driving forces behind a solar-powered music festival called THE SOLAR BUDOKAN since 2012.

Footage of Sato performing a solo acoustic version of THEATRE BROOK's Arittake no ai can be viewed below, followed by the MV for Odorana sonson.


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