New Album from Leetspeak monsters

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New Album from Leetspeak monsters

Leetspeak monsters will release a new album on October 9th.

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Visual rock band Leetspeak monsters will release a new album on October 9th.

Monster's Theater II will be available in two editions. Both will feature ten tracks, although each version will feature one exclusive song. The CD+DVD limited edition's exclusive track will be Curtain call, while the CD-only regular edition's will be Shooting Stars. The limited edition's DVD will contain the music video for Gothic and offshot footage.

This will be Leetspeak monsters' second full-length album, coming about one year after 2018's Monster's Theater.

They will support the new album with a one-man tour titled GOTHIC PARADE where they will play back-to-back dates at each venue. The tour will begin on November 20th at Sapporo COLONY and it will wrap up with two shows at Akabane ReNY on January 9th and 10th.

The video for Gothic can be viewed below.


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