New Best-of Album from Takayoshi Ohmura

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New Best-of Album from Takayoshi Ohmura

A new best-of compilation commemorating the 15th anniversary of Takayoshi Ohmura's solo debut drops on September 18th.

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Guitarist Takayoshi Ohmura will release a new best-of album on September 18th.

I・RI・S is being released to mark the fifteenth anniversary of Ohmura's solo career, which began in 2004 with the mini-album NOWHERE TO GO. The album contains eighteen songs, all but one of them taken from previous releases. Ohmura has rerecorded the guitar and bass tracks for most of these. Additionally, JUPITER frontman KUZE has provided new vocals for Nowhere To Go and Distant Thunder, and Ohmura's C4 bandmate TOKI has done likewise for High Works.

Poignantly, I・RI・S's closing track The Hill Of Wisteria is an instrumental featuring guitar work by the late Mikio Fujioka, alongside his and Ohmura's Kami Band colleagues bassist BOH and drummer Hideki Aoyama.


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