Chanty Announce Digital Distribution of All Releases

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Visual kei band Chanty's discography is now available for download and streaming via a wide variety of popular platforms.

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Visual kei band Chanty have announced that all of their releases - a total of 62 songs - have been made available for download and streaming as of today. The tracks are available via iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, and a number of other popular platforms. Links to download and stream Chanty's music can be found here.

This announcement comes on the heels of the release of their first two singles since welcoming new guitarist Shiro. The first, Sakebitaku natta kara, was released on July 17th, and the second, Kirai na koto, just came out on August 21st.

Chanty will commemorate their sixth anniversary with a one-man titled Chanty no sekai e youkoso that will be held at Shinjuku BLAZE on September 16th.

The video for Hakkou from Sakebitaku natta kara can be viewed below, followed by a trailer for Kirai na koto.

 Download and stream Chanty's music

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