New Album from GLAY

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New Album from GLAY

GLAY will release their 15th album, "NO DEMOCRACY", on October 2nd.

Earlier this year, GLAY announced the release of a new album as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations. During the first of their two back-to-back GLAY 25th Anniversary “LIVE DEMOCRACY” shows at MetLife Dome on August 17th, more details were revealed.

The album will be titled NO DEMOCRACY, and it will hit stores on October 2nd. It will contain 14 tracks, including several songs from their recent singles such as JUST FINE, Hajimari no uta, Anata to ikite yuku, COLORS, Urei no Prisoner and Gengou.

You can watch the MVs for Gengou and JUST FINE below:

The album will be available in a CD-only edition and a CD+2DVD edition. The bonus DVDs will include footage from GLAY's first tour of the Reiwa era, GLAY LIVE TOUR 2019 -SURVIVAL- Reiwa saisho no GLAY to HEAVY GAUGE, where they performed all of the tracks from their hit album HEAVY GAUGE, which just marked its 20th anniversary this year.

Digest footage from the Ii GLAY concert (the first of their two back-to-back shows at the MetLife Dome, which focused on the band's biggest hits and fan favourites) can be viewed below. The top three songs that the fans voted to hear at the concert are revealed at the end of the video: 2004's Minamigochi and BEAUTIFUL DREAMER took third and second place respectively, while 1998's pure soul took the top spot.


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