First Album from Shibutani Subaru

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First Album from Shibutani Subaru

Ex-KANJANI∞ member Shibutani Subaru will release his first solo album on October 9th.

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After leaving Johnny's boyband KANJANI∞ last year and revealing that he has formed his own new label World art under Warner Music Japan this April, Shibutani Subaru has announced his first original solo album.

nisai will be released on October 9th. It will feature 12 songs that Shibutani composed the music and lyrics for himself. The tracks were recorded in studio sessions with a full band. It was also noted that Shibutani experimented with different recording styles on some of the songs, including having the band record all of the instruments in one take, recording on analog tape, and recording all the instruments himself.

The album will be released in three versions: a CD+DVD limited edition, a CD-only regular edition and an analog edition featuring two records. The DVD will contain documentary footage of the recording sessions and of Shibutani travelling through Southeast Asia with just a backpack and guitar, as well as a music video for the song Wareware wa ningen da. It should be noted, however, that the analog edition will not be released until November 6th.

In addition, Shibutani has launched official Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts, although it has been stated that these accounts will be updated mainly by staff.

A teaser for the release can be viewed below.

 Shibutani Subaru - Official Twitter  Shibutani Subaru - Official Instagram  Shibutani Subaru - Official YouTube

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