New EP from Frederic

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New EP from Frederic

Frederic will release a new EP on October 9th.

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Rock band Frederic will release a new EP on October 9th.

VISION will contain five tracks: three new songs and live acoustic recordings of Shinsense and Kanashii ureshii from their show held at Shikiba STUDIO COAST on April 13th this year.

The EP will be available in two editions. The limited edition will add a live recording of Yoru ni Rock o kiite shimattara to the CD, and it will have a bonus DVD featuring footage from the Shinkiba STUDIO COAST show and a documentary covering "FREDERHYTHM TOUR 2019-2020" SEASON1-SEASON2.

The video for Taika from Frederic's February album Frederhythm 2 can be viewed below.

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