New Band: MOTHER

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New Band: MOTHER

GOEMON RECORDS are slowly revealing the story of a mysterious new visual kei band called MOTHER.

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In the wake of Pentagon's recent disbandment announcement, their label GOEMON RECORDS recently revealed some hints about a new band that will be joining their roster. The mysterious group was originally introduced simply as "Animal Band". However, more details about the group are being revealed gradually via a series of animated videos.

In the first video, it was revealed that the group consists of a kitsune, a dog, a tanuki and a dinosaur that decided they wanted to form a band after seeing humans performing on a smartphone that was dropped in their forest. The second video explained that the animals must accumulate karma to transform into humans and showed drawings of what they may look like if they manage to achieve their goal. In the third video, the members chose new names: the kitsune chose Ako, the dog chose Shian, the tanuki became Ruru and the dinosaur picked Jake. The group also revealed their band name: MOTHER.

The next video will be revealed on August 11th. You can stay tuned for the rest of the story by following the band's official Twitter account.

The first three videos can be viewed below.


Kami no otsuge

Kimi no na wa
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