New Album from ayabie

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New Album from ayabie

ayabie will release their first new album in about nine years this August.

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Visual kei band ayabie have announced that they will release their first new album in about nine years this summer.

Jisuru Moratorium will contain nine tracks, and it will be released digitally worldwide on platforms such as iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play on August 24th. A physical version will be available to order exclusively from the WIZY crowdfunding platform until August 31st.

ayabie will embark on a one-man tour to support the release in September. It will begin at ElectricLadyLand on September 6th and end with a show at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka on September 24th.

In addition, ayabie just released a live DVD titled Virgin Snow Color-Final Season- 2019.01.12 Zepp Tokyo on July 12th.

A new video set to the song Mirai e compiling footage from throughout their career and a digest trailer featuring clips from the Zepp Tokyo show documented on the live DVD can be viewed below.

 "Jisuru Moratorium" WIZY Campaign

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