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Visual kei band Asty will release a summery new single on July 23rd.

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Visual kei band Asty will release a new single on July 23rd.

Titled Bitansan Peach, it will feature three tracks: the title song, which is described as a summer tune with a bright pop melody and bittersweet lyrics, Quest x Quest and Manatsu no Big Wave!. The first two songs were composed by bassist Yuuki, who also wrote the lyrics for Bitansan Peach. Vocalist Takeru penned the words to Quest x Quest, as well as both the music and lyrics for Manatsu no Big Wave!.

In addition, Asty have announced that they will hold their a special one-man live titled Kyou no anata wa waraetemasu ka? at TSUTAYA O-WEST on January 3rd, 2020. To build momentum for this show, the band will hold two free one-man tours in August and November. Details on the dates are available via their official Twitter account.

The full MV for Bitansan Peach can be viewed below.


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