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CHEMISTRY will release a new single and album in the coming months.

© Sony Music Artists Inc. All rights reserved.

© Sony Music Artists Inc. All rights reserved.
Pop/R&B duo CHEMISTRY have announced two new releases for the coming months.

First of all, they will release a new single titled Angel / Still Walking on August 21st. Angel was written to serve as the theme song for the drama "Sorezore no dangai". It will be their first track to be used as a drama theme in about 10 years.

The single will be available in two editions. The limited CD edition will feature a cover of Suzuki Masayuki's Garasugoshi ni kieta natsu in addition to the two title songs, as well as instrumental versions of all three tracks. It will also have versions of Angel featuring just one member's vocals, so fans can try harmonizing with the other half of the duet when they sing along. The other edition will be a 7-inch vinyl version featuring just the two title tracks.

The second release will be a self-titled album that will hit stores on September 25th. It will be CHEMISTRY's first original album since they resumed activities in 2017, ending their five-year hiatus. It will be their eighth album in total, following 2012's Trinity. The album will be available in CD+DVD and CD+Blu-ray limited editions, a CD-only regular edition and a special analogue edition, although specific details about each version's contents have yet to be revealed.

CHEMISTRY's previous single Moshimo / Yako Bus, which was just released this February, can be listened to below.


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