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New visual kei band GREED will release their debut single on September 11th.

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A new visual kei band called GREED was just revealed recently.

The band consists of five members: vocalist Mess, guitarists Kareha and Domi, bassist Aki-suke and drummer Luna. Fans may recognize Mess and Kareha from the group Akaku Somatta Kioku, which just disbanded in 2018. It's also worth noting that Domi hails from Poland.

GREED played their first show on May 26th, and they are currently in a "demonstration" period. They will formally begin activities with a free one-man titled Gekidou that will be held at Ikebukuro Blackhole on September 6th.

Their first release will be a single titled CROCUS. It will be available for purchase early at the aforementioned one-man, and it will hit stores on September 11th. You can check out the band's official website for more information and follow them on Twitter to stay tuned for more updates.

The video for CROCUS can be viewed below.

 GREED - Official Website  GREED - Official Twitter

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