Inori Minase to Release First Album Digitally Overseas

07/04/2017 2017-04-07 07:02:00 JaME 1158 views Source: Press Release Author: Silverfaye

Inori Minase has scheduled the overseas digital release of her first album "Innocent flower" for April 7th.

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The overseas digital release of singer and voice actress Inori Minase's first album Innocent flower is currently scheduled for April 7th in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Germany and other European countries. Release information will be updated on Inori Minase’s official Facebook at

Innocent flower was recently released in Japan on April 5th and it contains 12 tracks. The Normal Edition is CD-only while the First Press Limited Edition comes with an additional Blu-ray with four music videos.

Watch the preview of all the tracks on Innocent flower and the short version of Innocent flower's lead track below:


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