Fixer Join Starwave Records

23/02/2016 2016-02-23 14:48:00 JaME 1791 views Source: Korey's Blog Author: Christine

Fixer have officially joined Starwave Records, and they will release their first full album in June.

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It was announced today that visual kei band Fixer will be the latest addition to the Starwave Records roster.

The band's first full album Fixer will be released in two types on June 15th, and they will celebrate its release with a free one-man live at Ebisu club aim on May 12th.

Before that, Fixer will be performing alongside several of their new labelmates at Starwave Records' 6th anniversary event, Starwave Fest Vol.13, which will be held at Shinjuku ReNY on March 29th. A new official Facebook page has also been started for the group.

A "live shot" video for Decaying beauty from their 2014 single END of STASIS can be viewed below.


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