New Album from Sister's Spread-i

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New Album from Sister's Spread-i

New release from minusiyon's solo project out May 10th.

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Sister's Spread-i, the solo project of singer minusiyon, will release a new album on May 10th.

Tsukiyo no Raindrop contains eight tracks, all of which are based upon music from the "Touhou Project" videogame franchise. Genre-wise, the songs range from acoustic pop to hard rock. minusiyon's ABSOLUTE AREA bandmate IRON-CHINO plays guitar on the heavier tracks. This album is Sister's Spread-i's first new release in two years.

In addition to her solo work, minusiyon fronts the cover band ABSOLUTE AREA, and makes frequent guest appearances on the albums of power metal band IRON ATTACK!.

You can listen to a crossfade preview of Tsukiyo no Raindrop below:


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