disbanded 2001 ~ 2016

Calmando Qual

カルマンド クヴァール

Twisted Clock
Calmando Qual
© Calmando Qual - Starwave Records
Matsushima Till (Support Member)
(2001 ~ 2013) Bass
Kenka (ex-member)
(2001 ~ 2008) Keyboard
Tasc (ex-member)
(2006 ~ 2007) Drums
Sio (ex-member)
(2007 ~ 0) Drums
Kiri (Support Member, ex-member)
Calmando Qual, also known as Twisted Clock, were a band who described their music as gothic rock. However, their music was much more intriguing and sinister than that simple description, and carried some strong messages.

Although the band were sometimes linked to the visual kei genre, they kept their look mostly dark, adding the occasional flamboyant flourish from time to time, in the form of hair and make-up.

Though Calmando Qual’s Japanese fanbase could hardly be considered large, they attracted a modest following in Europe and occasionally performed on the continent.
Author: Sefs & Kay

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Calmando Qual to Disband © Calmando Qual


Calmando Qual to Disband

Calmando Qual will part ways in June 2016.

Live DVD from Calmando Qual © Calmando Qual


Live DVD from Calmando Qual

Calmando Qual will release a new live DVD in March.

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Starwave Fest vol. 9 at TSUTAYA O-WEST

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