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active 2010


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Vocal, Guitar
Nakajima Ikkyu
Kida “Motifour” Motoko
Sagane “hirohiro” Hiromi
Yoshida Yusuke
(2011 ~ 2014) Drums
komaki (ex-member)
(2015 ~ 2017) Drums
Yamaguchi Miyoko (Support Member, ex-member)
Alternative rock band tricot was formed in September 2010 by Ikkyu, Motifour and hirohiro. The women were joined by drummer komaki in May 2011, and a few months later, released their debut mini-album via their own label, BAKURETSU RECORDS. Like many alternative acts, tricot are reluctant to embrace a specific genre label, like “math rock” or “post-rock”. However, the trio do acknowledge some similarities between said genres and their style.

tricot were once more reduced to a trio in March 2014, but this has had little impact on the band’s activities. The Kyotoites have kept up a steady stream of releases and a busy touring schedule, including several forays overseas to Asia, Europe and, in 2015, North America. They became a quartet again in 2017.

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New Digital Single from tricot

Rock band tricot's new digital single drops on July 29th, with a new album to follow in October.

Latest Releases

Single Digital Release 2021-06-02 2021-06-02
Single Digital Release 2020-07-29 2020-07-29
Album CD + Blu-ray 2020-01-29 2020-01-29
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Album CD + DVD 2020-01-29 2020-01-29
w/ DVD tricot
Album CD 2020-01-29 2020-01-29
Regular Edition tricot
Single 7-inch vinyl 2018-05-19 2018-05-19