active 2002

Danger Gang


Danger Gang
© Cure
(2015 ~ 2017) Bass
airan (ex-member)
(2012 ~ 2015) Bass
Mizuki (ex-member)
(2005 ~ 2011) Bass
Thera (ex-member)
(2002 ~ 2011) Drums
Rei (ex-member)
(2002 ~ 2004) Bass
Ka-e (ex-member)
Danger Gang is a four-member band from Tokyo. The most jaw dropping fact about them is the fact that they are all female, which is very unusual in the visual kei scene.

Their music is cheerful and upbeat rock with background chanting and occasional growls by vocalist Waka. Their look matches their music by having wild and colourful hairstyles and wearing spectacular and vivid outfits on stage. Danger Gang's live shows are extremely energetic and wild showing that the girls surely know how to treat their own audience. Their music as well as their shows make even the grumpiest listener a little merrier.

Latest Articles

DANGER☆GANG's Band Member Departures © Cure


DANGER☆GANG's Band Member Departures

Visual band DANGER☆GANG has issued a statement via its official website regarding the band's future.

Rei to Leave DANGER GANG © Cure


Rei to Leave DANGER GANG

Drummer Rei will leave DANGER GANG after their concert on February 18th

Danger Gang Single © Cure


Danger Gang Single

Danger Gang will release a new single, HALLUCINATION, on November 28th

Various Artists – J-Visual[ism] 2 © Cure


Various Artists – J-Visual[ism] 2

The next volume of the J-Visual[ism] compilation series features eight of the most popular young visual kei bands.

Latest Releases

Album CD 2018-11-04 2018-11-04
Danger Gang
Mini-Album CD 2015-12-23 2015-12-23
Danger Gang
Mini-Album CD 2014-07-17 2014-07-17
Danger Gang
Mini-Album CD 2013-06-11 2013-06-11
Danger Gang
Single CD 2012-05-01 2012-05-01
Danger Gang
Single CD 2010-11-28 2010-11-28
Danger Gang